Services in English and other languages

Services en toutes langues

Québec’s Act respecting health services and social services (ARHSSS) stipulates that all health facilities in Québec must offer their services in French. It also ensures that persons who have limited knowledge of French have access to safe and quality services in English or in another understandable language, to enable them to exercise all of their rights (such as free and informed consent to care).1

CHUM staff understand the importance of promoting an inclusive environment for hearing‑impaired and non‑Francophone users.

Access to health services and social services in English

Unlike several government‑designated facilities, CHUM does not systematically provide care in English. However, some people feel more at ease communicating in English and can ask for this.

Under the regional access program, the two clinical sectors that have indicated status and that must be accessible in English for English‑speaking users are: addictions medicine and the burn unit.

Health sheets available in English

More than one‑third of the CHUM’s health sheets have been translated into English. Produced in collaboration with our experts by the Centre de littératie en santé, they are a reliable source of information that provides a clear understanding of health-related facts.  


[1] Act respecting health services and social services, CQLR, c. S-4.2, s. 2, paras. 5 and 7, s. 3, paras. 2 to 5, s. 8 to 11, 15.

Interpretation services for hearing‑impaired and non‑Francophone users

Are you hearing impaired or have a limited understanding of French? The CHUM calls on the services of interpreters to offer simultaneous translation in more than 50 languages and dialects as well as in sign language (in French and English).  

These services, available at all times, primarily seek to:

  • Ensure access to health services and social services adapted to a person’s language and cultural needs, within a reasonable timeframe 
  • Facilitate communication between the members of our teams and the person visiting the hospital  
  • Offer a fair and confidential interpretation

You’d like to have access to the services of an interpreter? Ask a staff member when booking your appointment or at any other time. 

Clearly understanding each other improves access to safe and quality care. At the CHUM, everyone benefits from better communication!