Every year, many small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups in Quebec contact the CHUM to test their digital innovations and integrate them into hospital settings or community environments where patients live.  

What are digital health technologies (DHTs)?

Digital health technologies (DHTs) refer to digital products or technologies that tap into data and rely on artificial intelligence and the wide range of computational health algorithms. 

Successful integration of DHTs requires rigorous scientific evaluation of the value of innovations for patients, teams, organizations, and society. Towards this end, a range of evaluation outcomes are relevant: reach, impact, acceptability, feasibility, and the sustainability of DHTs.  

To guide this process, the Éval-INCHUM evaluation platform was created.  

What is Éval-INCHUM

The Éval-INCHUM platform provides services to SMEs and start-ups in Quebec for the conceptualization and conduct of scientific and medical-economic evaluations of DHTs in real-world settings (hospital, patients’ home, etc.). 

Thanks to the Éval-INCHUM platform, new evidence generated through evaluations can, among other things: 

  1. Allow businesses and stakeholder communities of the health and social service network (institution, department, unit, etc.) to demonstrate the added value resulting from health care professionals’ uptake of their DHT in real-world health care settings and in individuals’ everyday life settings; 
  2. Accelerate DHT uptake in real-world health care and living environments; 
  3. Guide policy-makers and managers at the CHUM and elsewhere in Quebec regarding their decision to implement DHT;  
  4. Allow the scientific community to advance the state of knowledge concerning DHT evaluation and the best ways of studying DHT in real-world settings; 
  5. Help identify the positive impacts and risks for the health and well-being of patients and staff, as well as impacts on health systems. 

The Éval-INCHUM platform is supported by pillars that already exist at the CHUM: 

  • The CRCHUM’s Health Innovation and Evaluation Hub 
  • The Pole of Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, and Projects in Health 
  • The Technology and Intervention Modalities Assessment Unit (UETMIS) 
  • Department of Quality, Evaluation, Performance and Ethics (DQEPE)  

Work is performed in close collaboration with industry partners and a multidisciplinary team that brings together researchers, research staff, physicians, and managers among others. Patients and patient partners dedicated to the project round out teams.  

Contact us 

850 Saint-Denis St., Suite S01.123 
Montréal, QC, H2X 0A9 
Phone: 514-890-8000, extension 30812 
Email: eval-in.rech.chum@ssss.gouv.qc.ca  


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