Public Patient Partnerships (PPP) in Research

Patient engagement in research

Traditionally, patient’s 1 contribution to research and related activities has been limited to the role of participants, for example in clinical trials. Such voluntary participation in research is an essential contribution to science. In this way, participants help researchers determine whether the treatment or intervention is working as intended. However, patients can become more active in research through meaningful collaboration with the research team, referred to as patient engagement/partnership. In this context, patients become partners in the project and can actively participate in governing, setting research priorities, developing research questions and even conducting parts of the research.

Why is patient partnership important for research?

This type of participation promotes relevant and useful research for the patients involved. Patient partners can also collaborate with the research team to disseminate the results and communicate them to various audiences as well as to policy or other decision-makers. They can apply the results in the context of health or the community environment.

The PPP core facility is a group of professionals from various fields of expertise such as medicine, ethics, continuing education, evaluation, project management and patient partners.

1  The word patient is used here as a general term that includes all people living with a health condition or limitation. This also includes caregivers, friends and family. Source IRSC


  • Training curriculum that aims to teach researchers and patient partners about the basic concepts and steps to build an effective patient partnership relationship;
  • Strategic advice for the preparation of grant applications involving patient partners and for the preparation of patient-engagement/partnership strategies;
  • Support in budget planning in connection with the patient partnership;
  • Support for the recruitment of patient research partners;
  • Accompaniment and support of researchers in the implementation of the patient partnership in their research project;
  • Support for the evaluation of the patient partnership.

Our services are available to researchers in academic institutions, hospitals and industrial environment.

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