The CHUM Research Centre's clinical immunomonitoring core facility has been created to provide several services designed to assess inflammation and immune responses in patients enrolled in clinical trials. The facility complies with good academic laboratory practices (GLP-like) with Standard Operating Procedures in line with international requirements, in order to conduct immunological correlative studies under optimal conditions. The facility provides a comprehensive set of services to answer a variety of questions.


  • Biobanking biological sample Immunophenotyping by Flow Cytometry (up to 25 colors, BD Fortessa or BD Symphony)
  • Cytokinic multiplex assay (MesoScale Discovery)
  • ELISPOT assay
  • Tissue labelling by Immunofluorescence multiplex
  • mRNA sequencing (Bulk or SingleCell RNASeq)


For any service or submission request, please fill out the electronic form.

Supervisor: Paméla Thébault, Ph. D.

Scientific Advisor: Réjean Lapointe, Ph. D. and Jean-François Cailhier, M.D., Ph. D.


+ Fees 2022-2023


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