Research support office

The CRCHUM’s Research Support Office (RSO) facilitates the development of research teams and optimizes their operations.  

Through its portal, listing a plethora of tools, resources and services available to researchers, the RSO simplifies coordination between the CRCHUM’s services and its research teams. As a result, the research community is able to focus on its primary mission: scientific research.  

Researchers, research teams, students and postdoctoral fellows will find the following services on the RSO portal, among others:  

  • Pages dedicated to each of the CRCHUM’s services; 
  • A CRCHUM resource directory; 
  • A section dedicated to training; 
  • Tools to support teams in applying for grants; 
  • Research tools, including quick links to easily access information sought.  

For security and information access reasons, the RSO portal is hosted on the CHUM’s intranet

  • You must be physically in the CHUM environment (domain) and log in using your p code to access the CHUM’s intranet.   
  • If you are working remotely, you must log in by using your virtual token and your p code to access the CHUM’s intranet. 

Access the RSO Portal

Need Help? 

For those outside the CRCHUM and/or without a p code or for any other question, you can contact the RSO directly at:

Maude Raymond 
Research officer

Erik Joly
Research associate 
514-890-8000, ext. 23608

Sophie Blanchette
Research grant coordinator