NSERC Discovery Grants: five researchers stand out

Five researchers from the Centre de recherche du CHUM (CRCHUM) have been distinguished and awarded funding by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for a five-year period.

NSERC's Discovery Grants program supports ongoing programs of research with long-term research objectives rather than a single project or a series of short-term projects.

The management of the CRCHUM would like to congratulate them and to highlight the quality and relevance of their work.

List of the 2021 recipients

Hugo Bouchard (Research theme: Imaging and engineering) — Simulation of physical processes with Monte Carlo methods in the keV and MeV energy range ($170,000)

Mélanie Dieudé (Research theme: Immunopathology) — Role of natural immunity to self-apoptotic exosomes in maintaining immune homeostasis ($185,000)

Greg FitzHarris (Research theme: Immunopathology) — Examining cytokinesis in reductive cell divisions ($290,000)

Ciaran Murphy-Royal (Research theme: Cardiometabolic) — Bioenergetic role of astrocytes in neuronal plasticity and behaviour ($150,000)

Éric Samarut (Research theme: Neuroscience) — The role of GABA signalling in nervous system formation and homeostasis ($150,000)