• Telemetry for systemic arterial pressure, heart rate, activity, temperature and  electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Assessing body composition by non-invasive quantitative magnetic resonance (EchoMRI100 for mice and EchoMRI900 for rats)
  • Visualization of endogenous cellular and molecular fluorescence process (ART Optix MX2)
  • Measuring the total intake of food and water and collecting urine and faeces rodents (metabolic cages)
  • Surgery for rats and mice: implantation of telemetric sensors, model of ischemia / reperfusion UUO kidney, catheterixzation of the jugular vein for systemic medication injection and catheterization of the carotid artery.
  • Data and image analysis


Ambulatory blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, locomotor activity, EKG, EEG/ EMG can be monitored through the use of a telemetry system developed by Data Sciences International.

Implantation of radiotelemetry transmitters and physiologic signals recording

Data provided at study end:

  • Summary report including surgery, survival, implant information and recording dates;
  • Spreadsheets of scheduled sampling times, physiologic signals recording data;
  • Ascii files of complete data sets upon request
  • Pharmacological injections during study, organ harvest, training in data interrogation, spectral analysis of heart rate.

Possible applications:

  • Cardiovascular toxicology: ECG, systemic arterial pressure, left ventricular pressure, temperature, activity level
  • Central nervous system: EEG, EMG, EOG, temperature, activity level
  • Breathing and exercise: temperature and activity level, intra-pleural cavity pressure, EMG, ECG & BP
  • Cancer research: temperature in up to 2 localizations – tail and tumor, ECG & BP

Surgery service

  • Renal ischemia/reperfusion and UUO
  • Jugular venous catheter for systemic injection of various drugs
  • Carotid artery catheter

Metabolic cages

Results analysis

  • Data analysis for telemetry data (recent or not)
  • Data analysis provided by the Skyscan 1176 (software NRecon, CTvox, CTan, Data viewer).


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